Data Center Storage Networking Simulation

Powered by SimSANs v4.0 and OMNeT++


SimSANs Design and Features

1. Architecture

SimSANs software tool includes three components:

Each simulation engine is an independent SimSANs simulation instance, which is located in a dedicated directory in the backend engine host and can be managed individually by the frontend console GUI. The management agent is launched, one for each backend host, to communicate with all simulation engines running in the same host. A unified management console can be launched in just one frontend management host to communicate with all agents, hence be able to manage simulation engines from all backend hosts it can reach. The following picture shows the communication framework among the three components:

2. Features

SimSANs v4 provides the following features:

3. Screenshots

The following collection of pictures can give you an idea of what the SimSANs is capable of doing: